Frequently Asked Questions

What are walk-in tubs?

A walk-in bathtub is designed typically with a U-shaped door that opens inward to allow easy and safe access to enter and exit the tub. The door offers a lower threshold to step over and a watertight seal, and additional safety features – depending on the design – to help people to bathe safely and independently.

The Liberation by American Standard walk-in tub offers a contoured, chair-level seat for safe and comfortable bathing, a textured, slip-resistant floor and a grab bar for added stability. Many walk-in bathtubs also offer other premium options for therapeutic benefits, including whirlpool and air jets to help soothe aches and pains, help improve circulation and aid in relaxation.

While safety and independence are the primary reasons for owning a walk-in bathtub, the added amenities and versatility of a walk-in tub can accommodate almost anyone and their bathing preferences. Compared to a traditional bathtub, walk-in tubs usually have a much lower entry, a place to easily sit down and a greater depth for better immersion in the bathtub.

Why purchase a walk-in tub?

Bathroom safety is the most common reason a person or family chooses a walk-in bathtub. As we age, this becomes a universal concern. On average, 1 in 3 seniors suffer a fall each year. About 70% of home falls happen in the bathroom, where hard surfaces can cause serious injury.

By installing a Liberation walk-in tub, many safety concerns are reduced or removed. The standard safety features, including low entry threshold, slip-resistant flooring, a safety grab bar, and a built-in seat, makes Liberation by American Standard a safer, more comfortable alternative to traditional baths and showers.

Additionally, the premium amenities included with our walk-in tub make it ideal for anyone looking to experience relaxation, rejuvenation and pain-relieving benefits at home, with our RevitaJet Whole Body Hydrotherapy System, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy.

How does the watertight door work?

The patented door system for the Liberation walk-in tub forms a watertight seal when the handle latches the door. The flexible gasket that lines the door is compressed by the handle, and the weight of the water in the tub further seals the door closed, preventing leaks. Our leak-free door system is covered by a lifetime warranty.

How will I know if a walk-in tub will work for me?

Our bathroom specialists are experts in creating a safe, comfortable and accessible bathroom that suits your needs. When you make an appointment, a specialist will come to your home for a thorough assessment. They will sit down with you and talk to you about the features and benefits of owning a Liberation walk-in bathtub and will accurately evaluate your needs, explain your options and answer any specific questions you may have.

They will take the measurements of your bathroom, look at the electrical and plumbing and see if your home is right for a walk-in bathtub. They will also let you know if you qualify you for any discounts and then provide you with a written price quote.

If you do not yet have an appointment lined up, call now to schedule your FREE bathroom evaluation.

How are walk-in tubs installed?

Your Liberation walk-in tub will be installed in a timely manner by a team of licensed, bonded and insured bathroom installation experts. The tub fits in the space of most traditional tubs, though modifications can be made to ensure the proper fit. Once installed, we will test your tub to ensure everything is working properly and then provide step-by-step instructions on how to use all of the features you can now enjoy.

What are the therapeutic benefits of a walk-in tub?

The Liberation by American Standard has many therapeutic features, including our exclusive RevitaJet Whole Body Hydrotherapy System, with more hydrotherapy jets than most other walk-in bathtubs. This combines massaging air and water jets that soothe aching joints and muscles. The system offers a customized bathing experience, in which all the jets can be used at once for a full-body therapeutic massage, or targeted jets can soothe your back, legs, or hands and wrists separately. In addition to massaging away aches and pains, the hydrotherapy jets can also help improve circulation and aid in relaxation and stress relief.

Aromatherapy (scent therapy) and chromatherapy (color therapy) options are also integrated into the Liberation walk-in tub and have been shown to improve mood and promote one’s well-being. You can use these various therapeutic systems one at a time or together for the ultimate spa experience.

How does Liberation by American Standard compare?

The Liberation walk-in bathtub is manufactured in the USA by Safety Tubs®, an affiliate of American Standard. Safety Tubs is the inventor of the acrylic walk-in bathtub, setting the industry standard for premium, long-lasting walk-in tubs designed for safety, beauty and functionality. Our tubs are the first choice for many trade professionals and homeowners alike.

Liberation by American Standard has the exclusive RevitaJet Whole Body Hydrotherapy system, with more hydrotherapy jets than most walk-in tubs on the market, plus other advanced features like integrated chromatheraphy and aromatherapy to provide you with a total-body relaxation experience each day in your own home, if you choose.

Also, our exclusive Quick Drain® allows the tub to drain in under two minutes, while many walk-in bathtubs take much longer to empty. When you have finished bathing, the Quick Drain feature will allow you to exit your tub quickly.

The patented leak-free door system is also covered by a lifetime warranty for years and years of worry-free bathing.

American Standard is dedicated to crafting bathroom fixtures that will exceed your expectations in beauty and function, including the premium chrome faucet and handshower that come standard with the Liberation walk-in bathtub.

Each of these details stand out on their own, but when combined, the Liberation walk-in tub proves to be an essential element in your home that provides security and safety, relaxation and comfort, and a real value. The important safety features help a person with mobility issues maintain their dignity and independence.